Hack-The-Crisis: tiny but fierce Estonia in fighting the coronavirus

Forbes: Hack-The-Crisis: 6 Lessons From Estonia’s Coronavirus Crisis Response

In times of crisis, when things are progressing fast and measures need to be taken, ingenious minds gather to find solutions to this unprecedented epidemic. More than 1000 people participated in this one of a kind public-private initiative and after intense 48 hours, 30 volunteer-based teams showcased their solutions to fellow fighters, public sector representatives and private ventures.

During the course of this weekend, together with Accelerate Estonia and with the help of the amazing community, an online hackathon called Hack the Crisis, was put together in record time to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic crisis and emerge from the crisis stronger than ever. This initiative was strongly supported by the Minister of Foreign Trade and Information Technology, Kaimar Karu who co-opened the final webinar event with full gratitude to all the participants and teams:

“I’m so excited and grateful that more than 1000 people from around the world decided, with only hours to prepare, to dedicate their whole weekend during this challenging, turbulent time to work together as a true community for the benefit of all of us. Thank you!”

We are a small country but our actions are big and show the initiative that different sectors and members of our community take. We will not just sit, we will act and hack. Viljar Lubi, Deputy Secretary General for Economic Development said that “This is an excellent example of taking the initiative when everything is on flames and concrete actions need to be taken. Yes, we are a small country but our online hackathon is already an inspiration for other countries!”

Please see the more information and the list of winners who will get full support and a 5k from Accelerate Estonia to use for further development during the emergency situation here.