Estonia accepts all COVID-19 vaccination, recovery and test certificates that meet the requirements set by the Government of Estonia.

People who have been vaccinated abroad can prove that they have been vaccinated by presenting one of the following documents: EU digital COVID certificate (or a certificate which is compliant with EU requirements); an officially-verified excerpt from a relevant database from the foreign country; a vaccine passport or a copy of such passport (healthcare providers can issue such passports in a paper format). The document which proves that you have been vaccinated in a foreign country must be in the Latin or Cyrillic alphabet and in the Estonian, Russian, or English language, and should contain the following information: the disease against which the individual was vaccinated; the date upon which immunization was provided; the preparation which was used for immunisation; the number of doses administered to the individual; details of the issuer of the certificate.

People who have been ill and have recovered outside of Estonia, must present a respective officially-verified certificate (including EU digital COVID certificate) or an extract from a medical record in Estonian, Russian, or English, and in the Latin or Cyrillic alphabet. A positive antibody test result is not considered as being sufficient proof. The document must specify the following information: personal details; the period during which the individual was ill; the clinical bases for a diagnosis of having recovered from the disease.

In the event of having been tested: a respective officially-verified certificate (including EU digital COVID certificate) must be presented that includes the following information: the analysis methodology; the results; the time at which the test was taken and the location at which the test was carried out; details of the individual who carried out the test.

Full information can be found on the website of the Health Board of Estonia:

Further information regarding the requirements for digital COVID certificates could be obtained from the Health Board: